Everyone has a story to tell. We help you tell yours.

You can walk down the street, walk through you day, and see everything that wrong; that task that needs doing, that bill to pay, that job cut that might come . . . .

or you can see all that is right and good and beautiful. You can see your daughter's sweet smile, your son accomplishing a new skill, the way the sunlight plays across the kitchen table, the bouquet of flowers your husband brought you. . . .

what you choose to see, that's what your life IS. If you turn your eyes to what is good and right, even when things around you might not always be perfect, if you focus on the good, life will be worth living.

As a storyteller, Anna uses film and photographs to capture the essence of your business or your family. She works with companies and families all across the United States.

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Theo and Beau Film.

The sweetest love story you'll ever see. The story of a lonely rescue puppy in need of a home and a little brother without a playmate. The love they would grow to share would capture the hearts of the world.

Anna Mayer Films tell stories that move people. To tell the story of your business or your family, visit to learn more or to get started.

Theo and Beau are now a children's book.

Thank you to Hailey Bartholomew and Sue Bryce whom I learned from on Creative Live and to StillMotion whose awesome workshop really changed the way I create story.

Music was licensed through . Check out Joel Hunger's profile. I just love his music!



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